New Art + New Prints + News

You might remember me posting a work in progress pic some time ago of this piece, well finally, I finished her! She’s in the shop now as a limited edition print of 30.

Hanna is an artwork and limited edition print created for the recent Frauleins group show. The group show over now and the remainder prints are available in the shop.

It’s been crazy busy lately, as usual, I’ve over committed myself yet again, I’m slowly learning my lesson, life WILL be more manageable in October (fingers crossed) when I’ve completed all the work for all the upcoming group show’s that are happening. But being busy is great too, it pushes me to create more art than I normally would (it’s nice to be drawing every day), and there have just been too many fun things to say yes too! Work in progress shots and sneak peaks will be coming soon of my work for the Look See group show and Eclectica group show. Both are opening on the 5th August, in Newcastle and Sydney.

Progressed a little more on this one. I’ve been experimenting with my new acrylic paints and Prismacolor pencils. Really enjoying them. I’m going to put this piece aside for now, firstly because I have to focus on other work and secondly, I’m not sure if I’m happy with the subject matter, but not to worry, a lot was still learn’t even if it’s never gets finished. The unfinished pile of works is growing!

Olive is 6 months old now and teething! I managed to save one of her baby teeth.


Experimenting & Mexican Party

It’s so much fun experimenting with new mediums and techniques. Above is the acrylic paints and Primsmacolor pencils I bought. I’m experimenting with laying down washes of thinned down acrylic and then trying to finessing the final layers with pencil. The above A3 piece has two layers of acrylic so far. Hope it works!

On the weekend, one of my good friends had a Mexican themed birthday party! Olive went too, in this little outfit I made her. The next photo is of the lovely Anna and Alice, dressed as matching Cacti!