Dilek Hanif SS 2011

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This piece started out as a piece for my commercial folio but I ended up having a lot of fun with this one, combining two of my childhood loves, glitter and dreaming of being a fashion designer!

This couture dress is from the Dilek Hanif SS 2011 range. There’s a few more in the collection I want to draw too!

She is for sale in the shop, over here.


6 Responses to Dilek Hanif SS 2011

  1. jessica rae says:

    You are so incredibly talented… I'm drying. I am an artist as well, and also interior designer. I love painting editorial style portraits of women's as well… but your work is so amazing it takes my breath away. I feel like a child playing with finger paints.

    You're wonderful, thank you for sharing your talent… stunning.
    Jessica Rae

  2. Jodie says:

    Hi Bec,
    You are doing an amazing job. This is simply exquisite. It makes me want to take a week off work to sit down and get back to my love of drawing and painting. But I'm afraid i just dont have the patience to complete anything like this.
    Just, wow!
    Hope you are well


    • Bec says:

      Hey Jodie! Good to hear from you! You totally should do more drawing. Art makes everything better :) xo

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