Anniversary Show Shooting Gallery

Very happy to be a part of the 11th Anniversary show at Shooting Gallery this year!

From their website – Shooting Gallery is pleased to present An Even Eleven in honor of our 11 year anniversary. The group exhibition will be a celebration of artists we have worked with in the past, currently feature, and those we will show in the upcoming year. Viewers can expect a curated selection of favorite works and fresh creations from the visionary artists that inspire Shooting Gallery to continually look towards the future.

Featuring: Duncan Jago, Andrea Heimer, David Soukup, Vhils, Tes One, Mary Iverson, Niels Shoe Meulman, Victor Castillo, Marco Rea, Amanda Marie, Meryl Pataky, Ernesto Yerena, Adam Ziskie, Sten & Lex, Greg Gossel, Jeremiah Kille, Remi Rough, Mark Warren Jacques, Lauren Napolitano, Mike Shine, Melanie Alves, Kelly Tunstall, Ted Lincoln, Ferris Plock, Word to Mother, Brock Brake, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Rone, Poesia, Anthony Lister, Casey Gray, Cleon Peterson, Bec Winnel, Charmaine Olivia, David Marc Grant, Ben Clarke, Dan Tague, Faith 47, Chazme, Helen Bayly, Apex, Peter Gronquist, Mike Davis, C215, Robert Christian Malmberg, Sergio Garcia, C3, Porkchop (Michael Lavalee), Mauricio Garrido, the Clayton Brothers, Yumiko Kayukawa, Joseph Martinez, Cyrcle, Lucas Soi, and more.

Shooting Gallery wrote a lovely blog post about my pieces for the show, part of which read ‘Bec Winnel’s subdued feminine portraits have embarked upon an entirely foreign subject matter. Instead of her usual photo-realistic portraits of delicately-drawn women, the Australian artist has turned to skulls as the subjects of her drawings for An Even Eleven.’

March 15 – April 5, 2014
886 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA

‘Stevie’ 8″ x 11″ PanPastel and pencil on Pastelmat paper.
For availability, contact Shooting Gallery.

‘Harriette’ 8″ x 11″ PanPastel and pencil on Pastelmat paper.
For availability, contact Shooting Gallery.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this different subject matter. The first skull image was created for Element Eden and will be appearing in their new line. The them I had to work with for them, was ‘tribal meets mystic’. After completing this piece, I felt I needed to create another skull! Then the idea of having a skull, with hair was like a memory of someone who once was, or a part of their spirit was still around.

Here are some process shots and a few videos on the application of PanPastels

First layer of white on grey paper, marking out basic highlights and form.

Adding colour and working out general colour map of the piece.

Starting to add details.

Blocking in the background colour. This helps me to determine if I need to adjust the value of my shadows before I have finalised the details in a piece.

Just the feathers to go.

Just about to frame up!

A couple of short videos on using PanPastels, click the link to view…

PanPastel demonstration video 1

PanPastel demonstration video 2


Littletopia at LA Art Show

Coming up, is the 19th annual LA Art show, located at the LA Convention Centre (South Hall J and K, 1201 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles).

Wednesday January 15, 2014, 8pm – 11pm

Thursday January 16, 11am – 7pm
Friday January 17, 11am – 7pm
Saturday January 18, 11am – 7pm
Sunday January 19, 11am – 5pm

The LA Art Show has delivered the broadest spectrum of art from across the globe to Los Angeles’ diverse and engaged collector base. The Los Angeles Art Show, created by KR Martindale Show Management and FADA, is the longest running venue for contemporary, modern, historic and traditional art in the country.

This year, Thinkspace Gallery will be there as part of the Littletopia exhibition –
” ‘Littletopia’ curated by Red Truck Gallery, is a carefully chosen collective of innovative galleries who are breaking down barriers, bucking convention and letting their skilled artists create a new vocabulary. With a focus on craftsmanship, accessibility, and artistry, Littletopia embraces the adventurous collector and draws them into a place where the fantastic become reality on canvas, mixed media, sculpture and print. A place where the art curious can appreciate beautifully rendered pieces and be welcomed into a family of galleries who evoke a mood, from playful, provocative, intriguing, and shocking to downright scary “.

Above is my piece that will be with Thinkspace Gallery, ‘Vivien’. She is 30 x 30cm and done with PanPastel and Gold Foil on Pastelmat paper.

EDIT – Photos from the event, from Thinkspace Gallery’s Instagram.

LA Art Show 2014

LA Art Show 2014 Thinkspace Gallery Littletopia

LA Art Show 2014 Thinkspace Gallery Littletopia